Is There Any Policy On Face Masks For School Children?



The Minister of Health should deliberately pay a random visit to schools to assess at first hand whether schools are adhering to the regulations on face masks.  The raw assessment of the situation reveals that school children are neither concerned with safe distancing nor have any regard for the wearing of face masks. The COVID 19 prevention culture has not been nurtured in our school system. It is also not a general norm in society to wear face mask or keep safe distance.

Schools are institutions of socialisation. If we cannot change mindset in schools how will we succeed in changing the mindset of the larger society?

The Minister of Education and Health which are allocated  more than 2.7 and 1.2 Billion dalasis respectively from the consolidated fund should  meet to discuss how to protect school children from the Pandemic whose rate of spreading may be protracted and vicious at the end. Strike when the iron is hot.