Is The US Being Robbed Of Moral Authority By Its Law Enforcers?


The picture is horrific. No human being can look at it for a second without tears visiting the eye. The insensitivity of the policeman is beyond comprehension. Why was his hand in his pocket while his knee was choking the arrested person to death? Did he really have the interest to use minimum force to arrest George Floyd and put him before the courts for a fair hearing or has he already concluded that he was guilty and his punishment was death? Th picture provides the answer to any one who would accept truth when it is as plain as noonday. This side of the US is built on a foundation of pomposity and prejudice which has no place in the twenty first century.

Today the whole world is moaning because of a picture taken by a smart phone by an innocent citizen with the heart of a saint who would not see injustice and turn his back and eyes away. He captured the crime being committed and exposed the insanity of a man in uniform who is taught what is meant to be a member of a disciplined force before being armed with a weapon and authority to arrest and take their fellow citizens before the courts for prosecution. Law enforcers should be the last to become law breakers. Once they do on a habitual basis, they rob a nation of moral authority to influence the cause of justice and fair play in the world. The International Criminal Court arose when it appears that the principles of democracy, rule of law , due process and righteous governance had attained universal recognition. Today, the US is being compelled to look at its own self in the mirror and ask: IS THIS YOU THE LAND OF THE FREE? Practice will give the answer, history will provide the evidence and posterity will be the judge. All US Citizens in particular and humanity at large should take note.