Saturday, November 27, 2021

Is President Barrow’s Tone Changing As He Continues With His Tour?


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As Foroyaa monitors the President’s tour it could be gathered that the people so far are concerned with fertiliser, seeds, water, good roads, education, health and market access for their products. Many people are beginning to tell the government that if it wants their support, it must deliver the services they need. The President’s tour would have been fit for purpose if the government simply explained its policies and offer proposals to expand or revisit them in order to meet the needs of the people.

When the President started his tour he gave the impression that he would not be the type of President who would assume all offices from Vice Presidency to Alkaloship in order to assume absolute power. This went down well with many people. However the further he is going with his tour his tone is beginning to change.

A worrying sign is the President indicating that there were many violations under the former regime without demonstration but now demonstrations are common, adding that he has refused to use his powers.

It should be born in mind that there were many demonstrations under the Jammeh regime such as the Saint Augustine’s incident, the President’s Award Scheme demonstration, the UTG incident, the market women, etc.

Jammeh was just sophisticated in knowing how to handle such incidents while giving the image of a strong man. The President should focus on the challenges of governance and how to address them and never to think that the use of power is a way to ensure tranquility in a society. Responsiveness to people’s needs, clarity of vision and tolerance constitute the cornerstone of maintaining stability in a society.

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