Wednesday, October 27, 2021



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The Gambia has had 26 confirmed cases with 1 dead and 21 recoveries. Four are still under treatment. As of 7th June the world has recorded 6.9 Million cases with over four hundred thousand deaths. Only 3.1 Million are reported to have recovered. Those who are alive are under treatment at great cost to their national budgets.

Those who are not family members of patients, the lab technicians who have to take the risk to screen and test those identified to be possible patients or the nurses and doctors who care for patients, can afford to pretend that COVID-19 does not pose any threat until we come face to face with it in our homes and communities.

This is not the time to drop our guard. This is time to take extra care as the government reduces the controls .Those who see the dangers have been waiting for the opinions of the medical authorities on what we have done so far to prepare for more public gathering. Are we dropping our guards or are we ahead of the danger pose by COVID-19. Foroyaa will quiz the heath authorities for an answer.

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