Monday, November 28, 2022

Is Banjul Breweries Fair To The Gambian Nation And Its Workers?


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When Banjul Breweries motivated Gambian workers to plead with their Parliament and Executive to reduce taxes, the authorities came to the rescue of the company with the hope that action would protect jobs.

Now, workers are being threatened with redundancy and excuses are being given why the company cannot continue to exist. Redundancy Indeed! Is the company scaling down its activities or winding up? That is the million-dollar question. Foroyaa will never allow dust to be thrown into the eyes of the workers and authorities. The paper has started its investigation into the case of Banjul Breweries so that the grain will be separated from the chaff. Banjul breweries should reciprocate the good gesture of the Gambian nation. It certainly should not endeavour to transform its authorities and workers who fought so hard for tax reduction to save the company , into a laughing stock .

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