IS A COURT MARTIAL TAKING PLACE? Foroyaa Journalist explains experience


By KebbaJeffang Following reports that a court martial for some members of the Gambia Armed Forces (GAF) is taking place at the Fajara Barracks, this reporter, together with another colleague from the Standard Newspaper, visited the place yesterday, Wednesday, 11 February, 2015 in order to cover the proceedings. This followed earlier attempts made by this reporter for coverage of the proceedings on Tuesday, 10 February, reportedly taking place at the  Fajara Barracks and was allowed in to talk to a senior soldier at the sentry. Asked whether a court martial proceeding was being held there, his response was that they do not give information. Proceeding to Yundum Barracks to find out whether there is a court martial, a soldier told this reporter that nothing of that sort was taking place there and that one may check with the Fajara Barracks. Returning to Fajara Barracks the following day (yesterday), this reporter and  another  from Standard went to the former Officers’ Mess, which is opposite the Barracks in Bakau, where it is said that the court martial is being held. However, whilst these reporters were there some people were seen sitting inside. When attempts were made by the two reporters to enter the place, they were denied access by the armed soldiers on guard at the entrance of the building. They told the reporters that they were not informed by the GAF Public Relation Officer (PRO) about their presence. Editor’s Note Foroyaa will contact the relevant authorities to enquire whether a court martial is taking place and if so why is it not made public for media coverage.]]>