Impact of Covid-19 on Orphans


By Yankuba Jallow

Worried about the impact of Coronavirus on the orphans and beggars, two students, who secure admission at the University of the Gambia (UTG) to further their education, risk not fulfilling their dreams owing to their financial conditions.

The two improvised students, names withheld, said they are from different parents, but both of them are orphans. The two said they cannot afford to pay the high tuition fee of the UTG.

The two said the impact of covid-19 is huge, adding their relatives under whose custody they are, cannot afford to meet their family needs not to talk about paying for their school fees.

One of them aspires to study law to become an advocate for free education, while the other aspires to study law to become a child’s rights defender and advocate

“If the College was free, I would start there and become a teacher, save from my little earning and finance my university studies,” one of them said.

They both expressed their desire to pursue higher education, but their biggest challenge is finance. The two want the Government, philanthropists, organizations or individuals to support them.

Ahmad Lamin Jallow, 32, said the person who used to support him was working at the Tourism Industry, but he is no longer working. He decried that help should be provided to orphans.

Efforts were made to get to the Department of Social Welfare, but all efforts proved unsuccessful. Also, Foroyaa attempted to interview the orphanage in Sinchu Alagie, but they declined to make comments.