IEC Claims Lack of Clearance from GPPA for Disbursement of Funds Derails Voter Registration


By Ndey Sowe

After mounting pressure from the general public demanding the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) to explain the reason for postponing the voter registration process until further notice, the election body has responded by stating the process is hindered by lack of clearance from Gambia Public Procurement Authority (GPPA) which is required before the release of funds by the Ministry of Finance.

“The IEC is hindered by the lack of clearance from GPPA which is required before the release of funds by the Ministry of Finance,” IEC said in a press release.

Following the postponement of the General Registration of Voters of 14th January 2021, IEC stated that they are grappling with logistical challenges in relation to procurement of materials and equipment needed for successful conduct of the voter registration.

The electoral body meanwhile reassured Gambians that the delay in conducting the voter registration exercise would not affect the electoral calendar.

There is still room to conduct the exercise on time, IEC stated.

“In 2011, general registration of voters commerce in May and the Presidential election was held in November: meaning the IEC is on course to conduct a general registration of voter prior to the Presidential election on 4th December, 2021,” the IEC dispatch indicated.   

Nonetheless, IEC assured to give regular updates on its operations henceforth.