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I never have doubt in the People of URR- President Jammeh


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By Aja Musu Bah Daffeh

The President of the Republic and APRC Party leader Sheikh Professor Dr. Alh. Yahya AJJ Jammeh told the people of Gambissara,yahya-jammeh Upper River Region (URR) that he never has doubt in them. According to him, they always appear loyal to him and his government.

President Jammeh was speaking as part of his nationwide tour on day 6, at a meeting in Gambisara on Saturday, 19 November 2016, Jimara District URR. The President and entourage received a rousing welcome from the people of Gambissara and the surrounding areas.

He said his promises are always fulfilled adding, “In my last meeting I said if i do not construct your roads, don’t vote for me”.

Commenting on the road expansion, the President urged the people of Gambissara to demolish some of their structures in the village in order for the contractors to do their work effectively and for them to also have good roads, noting that if their is any obstruction or delay the government will pay more.

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Prior to the construction of the road, the National Road Authority (NRA) had a consultative meeting with the people of Gambissara and they promised to by all means demolish some of their structures but they did not fulfill their promise.

He said in the advent of fire outbreak, the fire service would not have easy access to rescue.

On voter’s cards, President Jammeh stressed that all those with voter’s cards must know that government has invested a lot in it. He added that in 2011 and this year’s elections, no western country sponsored the election process because they are with the strong notion that he will win but he has exclusively sponsored the entire process.

President Jammeh described God as his lord and saviour noting that his prosperity and that of the Nation is in the hands of the Almighty Allah.

Minister of Lands and Regional Government Musa Amul Nyassi noted that before 1994 revolution, Jimara had a small health center which has been transformed to a major health care. He said he is with the strong notion that all the people of Gambissara will massively vote for the APRC party.

Mr. Nyassi later disclosed that three hundred and sixty million dalasis will be spent on agricultural projects in URR and the project will include livestock, poultry, 3 tractors and 70 power tillers meant for URR and agricultural stores will also be built.

Minister Nyassi emphasized that the electrification system in Demba Kunda, Baja Kunda, Taibatu and the surrounding areas is more powerful and effective than that of the Kombo areas and also said the electricity process of Nyakoi kerawan, Wuli Sutukonding and the surrounding areas is on the pipeline.

The Minister of Agriculture, Ismaila Sanyang informed the people of URR that the government will next year implement a project that would boost agricultural development in the Region and specifically enhance dry season rice cultivation.

He revealed that aside, the 23,000 liters of fuel given by the President to the farmers involved in dry season farming in the Region, more than 200 hectares of rice fields in the Region would be developed. More on this project, the Minister of agriculture disclosed that access to roads would also be constructed to enable farmers to have easy access to their farms.

On fertilizers, Minister Nyassi announced that already there are 17,000 bags of Urea and 2,000 bags of NPK fertilizers, and The Gambia groundnut Council has ordered for 5,000 tons of NPK and 1,000 tons of Urea fertilizer.

The Minister of Basic and Secondary Education, Fatou Lamin Faye thanked the people of Gambissara and the surrounding areas for their warm welcome for the President and his delegation. Speaking on education, she urged all parents to enroll their children to school in order to secure a better life.

“Next year the Lower Basic School of Gambissara will be upgraded and later the Secondary School would be built” says Minister Faye. According to her, failing to enroll children to School will only bring regret because they are the future of the Nation.

As far as you are urging for hospitals, then kids should learn for them to work in those hospitals, said Minister Faye. She concluded by urging them to vote for President Jammeh for him to continue developing the Nation since they have benefitted from schools, hospitals, good roads, and good electrification.

Other speakers at the meeting were the Council of elders Alhagie Bakusa Camara, Aja Teneng Jawo, Women Mobilizer, youth leader of Jimara Baba Colley who made similar sentiments that the President has well developed their District and that they will massively vote for the APRC party and the President and assure him 100% victory. This leads the way to Basse URR in which the same sequence of event took place with huge turnout jubilating in ambiance. The people of Basse said they believe in the Nationalistic act of the President and also assured him that all their votes will be in the APRC box.


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