How Many Confirmed Cases Of COVID-19 Have Been Announced By The Authorities?


The health authorities have confirmed three cases of COVID-19 since the first case was announced on 17th March, 2020. They are two males and one female.

The first confirmed case is a 28-year old female who arrived from London on 15th march 2020. She is under treatment. The second case is that of a 70-year old Bangladeshi cleric resident in Bundung who arrived from Senegal on 14th March, 2020. He passed away on 20th March 2020. The third case is a 71-year Gambian residing in Numuyel who arrived from France on 17th March 2020. He is under treatment.

The age, gender, nationality and residential gaps of those infected by the virus confirms that the pandemic affects all strata of society if not properly handled. The cleric who is a God fearing believer cannot be said to be ill because he is being punished by God. Hence preaching that the illness is for punishment when it is affecting pious human beings would not be the right message to spread. Once the illness is attributed to punishment for wrong doing, those infected may cover-up their illness for fear of being stigmatized. Prince Charles has not covered up the fact that he has the illness. Who else in UK is safe? The illness should be acknowledged and accepted by all regardless of faith or faithlessness. We are all in it together and must struggle to overcome it for the common good.