Heavy Storm Destroys Houses and Farms in URR


By: Kebba AF Touray 

A heavy storm which broke out  on Saturday, 15th August 2020, has wreaked havoc on houses, fences and farms in the Upper River Region.

This is second time in less than two months that such a disaster has affected provincial farmers and household heads in aforesaid area.

The storm has not only destroyed houses and farms, but razed some big trees to the ground.

This reporter visited some affected compounds and farms and this is what he compiled for this edition

Lamin Touray, the breadwinner of Touray Kunda, who suffered most severe destruction, explained that he and his family members were inside their houses at the time of the incident.

He said: “When I realized that my roof has been removed, I asked my family members to come out of their houses. We all stood under the veranda until the rain and wind stopped.”

He quantified that beds, food stuff, four solar panels, chairs, washing pans and clothes were all destroyed during the incident.

He also confirmed that despite the severe destruction, no casualties were registered during the incident.

He added: “Currently, our problem is we do not have a place to spend the night. I am calling on the authorities, Gambians and none-Gambians alike, to come to our aid in this trying time that we are currently going through.”

Touray thanked his neighbours, who came to assist him evacuate some of their household belongings from their house which was inundated with rain water.

Bukary Jabai, another affected compound head, told this reporter that his Compound has not been spared by the heavy wind, as his house and that of his father were struck by the storm.

Faye Jabai, an aging woman, who was in tears, told this reporter that currently, she and her family do not have a house to spend the night, adding that their foodstuffs, clothes and other items were destroyed by the storm.

Madijang Yaffa, another victim explained that his roof was removed by the wind and that he was trying to fix it.

Yaffa said he moved into a relative’s house shortly after the disaster.

Some of the other affected faimilies in Sutukoba include Nyabally Kunda, Ceesay Kunda, Jabbi Kunda, Jarra Kunda and Sisawo Kunda.

Elsewhere in Passamas, a farmer informed this reporter that his farm and compound have been destroyed by the storm.

Visiting some of the affected farms in Sutukoba, it was observed that the wind either uprooted the crops or razed the trees on the ground.

“We are calling on the government institutions and other agencies to help us solve this problem”, said the victims.

This reporter will continue to follow the situation in other villages and inform the readers.

For assistance, the victims can be reached at telephone 7232429; 6556706; 9909954; 9130200; 6585598; 2967145.