Government Spokesperson Rubbishes Claims Gambia is Spending Millions on ECOMIG


Makutu Manneh

Gambia Government Spokesperson Friday said people were peddling false information on the internet that Gambia was spending millions on the maintenance of the ECOMIG Forces in the country.

Ebrima Sankareh said: “Over and over it has been peddled in the internet that the Gambia is losing millions and millions of dollars that actually is totally inaccurate, the monies are paid for by the European Union.”

He said the ECOMIG Forces were deployed here to protect President Barrow, the people of this country and the sovereign integrity of Gambia, adding that they knew the looming dangers that led to ECOMIG coming here. He added that the Forces were sent to The Gambia to help in the consolidation of the country’s democracy.