Government Spokesperson: Masks wearing is Compulsory in The Gambia


By Makutu Manneh

In a press conference on Friday 17th July 2020 Ebrima Sankareh the government’s spokesperson told journalists that mask wearing is now mandatory in the Gambia.

“Part of the new regulations President Barrow signed into law and has been gazetted is that mask wearing is now mandatory in the Gambia,” he said.

Mr. Sankareh said mask wearing is mandatory, but since it was not announced and given that it involved some little cost, come next Friday people should start wearing mask.

He continued to say that people who refuse to wear mask will start having problems with the police if they see them on the streets.

The Minister of Health Ahmadou Lamin Samateh said he doesn’t think the government can provide masks for everyone, but they will endeavor to support those who cannot afford it.

“We think people should also make efforts, these masks we are putting on, how many pieces can be obtained from a piece of wrapper?” he asked.

“So I think we should also endeavor to get little things for ourselves, there is a lot of things we wear government doesn’t give us.”

The Minister said by next week, they will receive a lot of equipment from Turkey including a lot of life saving equipment and ambulances.

He also mentioned that isolation centers are being renovated, treatment centers are being constructed and that a lot of medical equipment is being procured.

“More medical equipment is being procured from the COVID-19 funds and these things are going to be distributed across the length and breadth of this country to strengthening all health facilities in all regions,” Minister Samateh said.