Government Increases Prices of Fuel


By Makutu Manneh

As the world welcomes 2021; fuel prices have increased in The Gambia in the first month of the year- January.

The price of petrol increased from 43.76 to 44.53 and diesel sky rocketed from D42.70 to 44.14.

In October 2020, the prices of diesel and petrol were reduced.

In the past 2 years, fuel prices changed in the first month of every year.

The cry of the commercial drivers to the government has been for the price of fuel to be stable and reasonable.

Omar Cessey, president of the Gambia transport union, said the government should notify them when changing the prices of fuel.

He said most of the drivers become aware of fuel price increment when they reach fuel stations.

Commercial drivers and their union claim that there is lack of consultation between them and the government.