Fishermen Attribute Fish Scarcity to Poor Weather

women fish mongers at Tanji beach

By Makutu Manneh

Fishermen at Tanji landing site have attributed the current fish scarcity in the markets to poor weather conditions.

In the past three (3) days, fish shortage hit Gambian homes and markets.

Paya Ngom, a fisherman at Tanji, said the shortage of fish in the past three days is due to the windy weather condition.

“The sea does not have certain species of fish right now and we believe it is because of the bad weather condition,” Ngom said.

He said when the weather is windy; fishermen do not venture into the sea to fish since it is risky.

Mr. Ngom continued to narrate the challenges they encounter in the sea, saying it has become difficult for them to see certain fishes in the sea, blaming the trawlers in the water for that situation.

Asse Ngom, a 38-year-old fisherman, said when it’s too windy in the sea, it becomes difficult to catch fish.

He also said the weather condition is what is causing the lack of fish in the sea.

“It is normal because once in a blue moon it occurs that the sea will become windy and when that happens, we cannot go out fishing,” he said.

Asse called on the government to investigate the operations of the vessels in the sea as he believes trawlers trespass into their boundaries.

Fatoumatta Saidy, a fish monger, said when there is fish scarcity, women struggle a lot as their livelihood depends on their job.

“When there is shortage of fish, fish prices become expensive,” she said.

She said it is through this job she earns a living plus settling other expenses.

Fatoumatta Daffeh, also a fish monger, said she put food on her table through smoking fish and reselling them.

“My husband is not financially strong and I help through this work, but when there is scarcity of fish, I face many difficulties financially,” she said.   

Mrs. Daffeh called on the government to bring more development to their fish landing site.