Friday, July 30, 2021

Government Answers To Doubts About Chinese Donated Rice


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Food items do have expiry dates. The standard of best practice is to put on packages and bags carrying food items the date of production and expiry of the food items. In this way expiry food items could be easily identified.

Concerns reached Foroyaa regarding the Chinese donated rice that was being distributed in CRR. Reporters were sent to WFP, FSQA and NDMA to seek clarification. Eventually the Chinese Embassy issued a statement which has been published by Foroyaa. Now the Ministry of Agriculture has also issued a statement to clarify matters.

The media, under section 207 of the Constitution, is given the responsibility to hold the government accountable to the people. Hence any government which is responsive to the needs of the people must accept to clarify issues of public concern as and when necessary. The response of the ministry indicates that the dates on the bags of rice donated by the Chinese are production dates.

It is claimed in the press release that China has donated 2734 tonnes of parboiled rice to mitigate shortages arising from poor harvest in 2018. It states that the dates on the bags reflect production dates. It further adds that the rice is fit for consumption.

It is best practice to state expiry dates on food items to prevent any skepticism.

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See the press release for further information.

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