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Another Violent Clash Between Castes In Koina


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By Lamin Fatty

Fresh clashes are reported in Koina between people from different castes on Saturday 25th May 2019 from 9pm to 1: am. on Sunday. According to eye witnesses, shots were fired in the air, houses were razed to the ground by fire and demolition and injuries were sustained.

According to sources, it all started at 9: pm when one Mahamadou Krubally, a member of Ganbanaaxu (an association that advocates for an end to caste discrimination) was allegedly assaulted during the “Trawi” prayer – beaten and tied up by members of the so-called free born. Then the members of “Ganbanaaxu” intervened in an attempt to rescue their member by untying him, which led to a clash between the two factions leading to injuries on both sides. Dembo Maimuna Touray is among those injured from the “Ganbanaaxu” faction who has his two teeth broken and is admitted in Koina health centre.

Mouth injury and broken teeth

Mahamadou Sanneh whose compound was burned to ashes told Foroyaa that he was among those who went to rescue Krubally from the so-called free born.

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House razed to the ground

“During that push and pull with them, some youths (so-called free born) then came to attack my compound in my absence and a gun was shot in the air three times while the others poured petrol on my houses and set them ablaze. They knocked down all my fences and demolished my 8-room house. Now I’m homeless along with my family,” Sanneh said.    

Musa Sanneh the leader of the” Ganbanaaxu” faction, told Foroyaa that 15 people were arrested and are currently under detention in Basse police station. According to him, those arrested are: Bangal Hulematou Gumanneh and his son Sikou  Lemmeh Gumanneh, Hagie Makuleh Jabbi, Salifu Jaiteh, Bakary Juwara, Ousuman Gumanneh, Bangal Kannuteh, Bala Kannuteh, Dembo Touray, Bamba Suso, Abdou Gumanneh, Jafara Gumanneh, Ema Suso, Bangal Majamba Gumanneh, Musa Worokia Jabbi and Bangal Jawara.

The police are yet to verify the arrests or divulge any information on the matter. When contacted the police PRO indicated that he was waiting for feedback and promised to comment on the matter by today.

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