GFF looking into sale of Seaview FC


By Sulayman Bah The sale of Seaview FC is being looked into by the Gambia Football Marimoo FCFederation pending approval, Foroyaa Sport can reveal. This outlet on Wednesday disclosed the sale and re-christening of Seaview to Marimoo, a nawettan outfit. Previously bankrolled by prominent businessman Hatib Janneh, Marimoo has since gone ahead replacing Seaview in the GFF second division. But the GFF who initially said they are unaware of the name change, are now understood to be looking into the issue pending approval. A GFF official said yesterday: ‘it’s being looked at the moment and then approval will later follow if the federation is satisfied with the manner the club is sold. Unless there’s a formal handing over the club name remains as Seaview in our official fixture at least for now.’ Marimoo is now being coached by a new man at the managerial helm different from the club’s erstwhile manager Manka Jatta. Efforts to get Hatib Janneh yesterday proved vain. Meanwhile, majority of the club players under then Seaview FC have since moved on switching to other clubs.  ]]>