Gen. Saul Badjie, Others to Appear In Court Today


By Makutu Manneh

General Saul Badjie and co., are to appear in court today Monday January 17th 2022, according to cause list of the high court.

Since the arrest of Gen. Badjie, Major Landing Tamba, WO2 Musa Badjie at the Friendship hotel in Bakau on Monday 10th January 2022, their place of detention has not been made public.

Information from official sources has not been forthcoming. However, an eyewitness told Foroyaa that the said individuals were picked-up at the Friendship Hotel by armed military police.

The spokesperson of the Gambia Armed Forces (GAF) earlier told Foroyaa that they were not responsible for the detention and arrest of these persons.

Saul Badjie and co., came back to the Gambia from Equatorial Guinea in December 2021, after leaving with the former president Yaya Jammeh, when he lost the 2016 presidential elections, and were accommodated by the state at the Friendship Hotel upon arrival.

General Saul Badjie and co., were implicated in a report of Gambia’s Truth Commission for participating or executing orders and directives in eliminating Jammeh’s opponents.

General Badjie was said to be the leader of the killer squad called ‘junglers’ and provided directives and guidance to the group after receiving such orders from former president Jammeh.