Gambian Nurses Call on Health Ministry to Provide Tools to Frontline Workers to Combat the Virus


The National Association of Gambia Nurses and Midwives have called on the Government through the Ministry of Health to provide frontline workers with tools they will use in containing the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. See below the press release issued by the Association.

“Globally, every year, 5th of May is set aside to celebrate International Day of Midwives led by the International Council of Midwives.

The purpose of this is to recognize and honor midwives for their untiring efforts in ensuring the safety of mothers and children.

In recognition of this important day, the National Association of Gambia Nurses and Midwives (NaGANM) want to take this opportunity to salute midwives in the country. NaGANM is aware of your sacrifices and commitments in taking care of pregnant, laboring and postpartum women and their babies throughout your career and especially during this difficult moment of Covid-19 pandemic in the country. Your diverse roles in supporting women and their families in providing them with accurate, precise and convincing information on Covid-19 at the clinics, wards and communities epitomized your readiness in improving the country’s health care system. We are always there to give mothers and children and their communities the care they need at all times.

The theme set aside for this year’s celebration is “Midwives with Women”: Celebrate, demonstrate, mobilize, unite – Our time is NOW” as said by ICM. The theme for this year’s celebration cannot be more fitting than this considering the Covid-19 pandemic in the globe and the current situation in our country. Therefore, as we fight the battle against Covid-19, this is the time to celebrate and demonstrate our unique skills and commitment. This is the time for us to mobilize each other for our common goal as well as time for us to unite than ever before.

Of course we cannot win the fight against Covid-19 without the support of the Government. We therefore urge the government of the Gambia through the Ministry of Health to put in place the necessary requirements for us to be victorious in this crusade as midwives of our beloved country, The Gambia.

NaGAMN fully knows that Life goes on despite the pandemic; pregnancy and childbirth are no exception. In this difficult time for our dear profession, NaGANM will do everything possible within its power to protect the midwives so that they can continue to keep our women and newborns safe. NaGAMN is and will be here for midwives forever and ever..”