Gambia Immigration Deports 15 Senegalese


By Hatab Nyang.

Personnel of the Gambia Immigration Force at the Gunjur beach have on Friday and Saturday 7th and 8th August respectively deported 4 people by land and 11 people by sea respectively to Senegal.

The Immigration launched an operation in Gunjur and its surrounding communities geared towards implementing the COVID-19 regulations.

The Gambia recorded a surge in the number of COVID-19 cases in the past two months bringing the total number of confirmed cases to one thousand and ninety people.

An officer of the GID who spoke on condition of anonymity said on Friday, four people came into The Gambia from Senegal by land and they were deported to Senegal by land while on Saturday, eleven fishermen who came through the sea and landed in Gunjur beach were also deported by personnel of the Immigration Service. After landing, they (Immigration) were asked to return to Senegal but the captain of the boat one Lamin Chun resisted until they had to call for a backup. When the reinforcement came, the fishermen entered their boat and left for Senegal.


It was raining when this reporter was entering the Immigration office in Gunjur beach, but one part of the office was leaking. Immigration officers were seen sitting at one end inside the office as they tried to avoid the water that penetrated the poor roof.

It was observed that they lacked mobility and when they were asked how they operate, two of the personnel said their office is yet to be allocated a vehicle.