Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Gam Housing CEO’s Case against Activist Jagne Fails to Proceed


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By  Yankuba Jallow

The civil case involving Gam Housing CEO and activist Fatou Jagne failed to proceed on Friday, 22nd January 2021 before the Bundung Magistrate’s Court.

CEO Mboge sued activist Jagne claiming an amount closed to one million dalasis for alleged damages he and his company suffered as a result of Jagne’s action.

When the case was called before Principal Magistrate Pa Modou Njie for mention, CEO Mboge’s lawyer, Edward A. Gomez applied for an adjournment to enable him to “familiarise” himself with the case. The application was granted by the trial magistrate and the case was adjourned to 2nd March 2021 at 12 pm.

CEO Mboge was not present in court while activist Jagne with several people who are alleged to be victims of Gam Housing were also in attendance.

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Gam Housing is the first plaintiff in this suit and CEO Mboge is the second Plaintiff whereas Fatou Jagne is the Defendant.

Even though she is not a customer of Gam Housing, she was approached by several victims of Gam Housing Real Estate Company to help them voice out their problem and possibly help them in their pursuit for justice.

CEO Mboge sued her for the recovery of seven hundred thousand dalasis being loss of earning as a result of Jagne’s seizure of his car. Mboge claims one hundred and fifty thousand dalasis (D150,000) for the recovery of five (5) title deeds of customers that got missing as a result of Jagne’s action. Finally, Mboge is claimng for fifty thousand dalasis (D50,000) for inconveniences caused to him by Jagne. Also, he wants D15,000 as legal and administrative cost.

Gam Housing is a company registered in The Gambia and is engaged in the trade of buying and selling of land.

According to the particulars of the claim, it is stated that Fatou Jagne, on the 26th December 2020 surreptitiously joined Gam Housing during a site visit at Kitty during a land identification visit. According to the Plaintiffs’ claim, the identification team at Kitty consisted of their driver Edrissa Jobe, estate manager Mutarr Sowe and two of their clients – Mariama Faye and Abubacarr Saidykhan.

The Plaintiffs alleged that Fatou Jagne waited until the driver and the estate manager “dropped” from the car and she”dissappeared” with their car upon arrival at the site in Kitty.

The Plaintiffs said they alerted the police who recovered the car, but since then they cannot carry on with their site visits.

“As a result of the Defedant’s action, the Plaintiffs lost over ten site visits estimated to cost D750,000,” the claim stated.

The claimant said he recovered the car from the police as well as alleged that they found out that five (5) title deeds that were in the car were “stolen”. The real estate dealer said the five title deeds cost him D150,000.

CEO Mboge said Jagne is using her Facebook to “sabotage” and “attack” him and his business. Mboge said Jagne has never been his customer, but he suffered loss and damage as a result of her action on Facebook.

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