Friends not foes: Brikama beats Bombada in solidarity match


By Sulayman Bah One family not foes, was the mantra as Brikama United featured against Bombada at the Box bar mini-stadium Brikama United 5on Monday. Fans of the opposing sides nearly resorted to blows when Brikama United met Bombada in what was their first meeting the previous campaign. While players slugged it out in the pitch as demanding of a rivalry match, fans almost took it to levels higher and traded invectives. However in a show of solidarity aimed at dismissing the rivalry tagging between the two teams, officials of the sides agreed to play a friendly match ahead of the start of the league season. Taking advantage of a temporary pause, the Sateba Boys’ locked horns with Bombada, a move described a welcomed gesture. Brikama United managed to pip Bombada on a 2-1 score. The contest featured a number of big names of the two sides. Bombada will hope to build on their solid display to gain ground when the season resumes after staying up in the division in their first stint.  ]]>