THE PEOPLE IN THE HEALTH SECTOR Doctors Grade   10   – 58000 to 64 000 dalasis annually – 5000 Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospitaldalasis a month Senior Nursing Officer 0n grade 9 – D4069 a month Nurse midwife grade 8 – D3438 a month Enrolled nurse grade 6 – D2596 a month The health delivery system has the policy making arm which is the Ministry. Only the Minister and the Permanent Secretary have income outside the grading system of the Civil Service. There is a Directorate of Health Services whose Director receives grade 12 salary equivalent to 78000 dalasis per annum. There is a Pharmaceutical unit and the Chief pharmacist is on grade 11 or 70 000 dalasis per annum. There is a planning unit whose Director is on grade 12. There are Regional Health Offices with directors on grade 11 and Health facilities with doctors on grade 10 , Senior nursing officers on grade 9 , Peri operative nurses on grade 8, Registered Nurse Midwife on grade 8, Laboratory Scientists on grade 8, State Registered nurses on grade 7, Community Health Nurse Midwives on grade 6. There is no doubt that if such employees of the health sector do not raise funds from other sources they would be living from hand to mouth and would not be able to take care of a family. The government should use the anniversary to reflect on the low income and risks of such workers and think of ways to improve their lot instead of claiming that they have proven their critics wrong by being able to pay salaries.]]>