Father working on securing bail for son, who shot a friend


By Mustapha Jallow

Ebrima Badjie, whose son recently shot someone in Lamin, on Monday told Foroyaa that he was working tirelessly to secure bail for his son (Ebrima Badjie).

Ebrima Badjie (junior) was said to have shot one Omar Solly (a friend) in the right-arm.

Narrating what the son told him, his father said: “The victim (Omar) was together with my son the whole day, until after 5pm, he left. At around 10pm, I asked him to go to bed, he agreed. But what took him out, I don’t know. These friends usually converge at opposite Jah Oil Petrol Station for internet browsing.’’

He said on 24April (Friday-night), they were at the said place when they were joined by their friend Mayada Sarr (the soldier). He said he was later told by his son about what transpired at the said place.

The father said he was working tirelessly for his son to be granted bail. He said his son, who is below 18 years, was yet to be charged with any offence.

Badjie said the Police obtained statement from his son on Saturday, 25th April 2020. He added that his son also gave a statement to the Military Police at the Yundum barracks.