Farmers in NBR Complain of Pigs Destroying their farms yields


By Louis Jobe

Many farmers of Yalal-Baa, Numukunda and Kunjo villages in the North Bank Region (NBR) close to Farafenni town, have bitterly complained against domestic pigs coming from the neighborhood Farafenni town to destroy their crops on their farms.

According to the farmers, they have reported the situation to the district authorities and their governor but nothing has been done about it yet. They said this has been going on for several years now and has discouraged many farmers to continue farming activities in those areas.

Mr. Juma Bah, a native of Yalal Baa village and the Village Development Committee (VDC) chairman, said the matter was reported to the Councillor of Farafenni Ward and their Councillor in Kerewan – NBR, and Farafenni Police Station. He said the District Chief of Iliasa District who resides in Farafenni, was also informed because the domestic pigs come from their community- Farafenni town- so that they can do something about it.

“Since that time up to now nothing has been done to stop these animals from coming to continue destroying their groundnut farms. We are now getting fed up and would react by also killing them which may cause a serious crisis,” Bah said.

The councillor of Farafenni Ward, Papa Njie Tunkara, said he is aware of the farmers’ complaints about pigs causing destruction on their farms. He said he called a meeting with the pig owners and discussed the matter.  

“I was told that these pigs are not only from Farafenni but some of the pigs are from Kerr Post, Kerr Ayib in Senegal and settle in Farafenni,” he said.

Councillor Tunkara said he met the governor and they discussed the issue and agreed that the only solution is to kill the pigs because they cannot catch the pigs.

“We went to army camp for then to help because they have the guns but the camp commander asked us to meet the CDS,” he said.