A Need To Review The Arrangements For Supply Of Fertiliser


Reports reaching Foroyaa from the farming community indicate that there were problems with the price at which fertilizer was sold, the adequacy of the supply and access to the supply due to transportation problems.

Some farmers told Foroyaa that they have been purchasing fertilizer up to D1000, others that the supply they had was inadequate, yet others complained of the high cost of transporting the fertilizer to their respective villages. If the effect of the government subsidy of D524 million dalasis is to be maximized the mechanism for the supply should ensure that the supply reaches every villager will be able to purchase the quantity of fertilizer he or she needs. Poor farmers, whose incomes have to enhanced in the fight against poverty, do not have the means to meet the cost of transporting the fertilizer from the depot to the village.

There is need to review the mechanism for the supply of fertilizer.

Needless to say, it is common knowledge that fertilizer increases yield which in turn results to increase in earnings for the farmer and exports.