Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Farmers In Basse Appeal For Markets For Their Produce


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By Lamin Fatty

Farmers in Basse have appealed to Government for good market and prices for their farm produce and for the timely supply of fertilizer and other farm inputs to farmers.

Farmers made these demands on Saturday 23rd November 2019 at a meeting in Basse Mansajang Kunda as part of the president’s nationwide meet the people tour.

The Chief of Basse Hammeh Minteh Krubally and the Alkalo of Basse Mansajang Kunda Peter Baldeh and Alhagie Karim Conateh, brought to the attention of the president and his entourage their concerns at the Basse Mansajang Kunda meeting.

They said this year farming season is better; that hence Government should provide a good market where farmers can sell their produce at a good price. They demanded for the timely supply of fertilizer to make this important farm input accessible to farmers during their time of need. They called on the Energy Minister to help improve electricity supply within the Region; that electricity is important in every aspect of life be it agriculture, health, education, etc.

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In response to their request on electricity, Energy Minister Fafa Sanyang highlighted that some projects are on the way to address the electricity needs of the country; that Government in partnership with World Bank, European Union and the European Investment Bank, has provided funds for the Gambia which will be used to connect electricity from Laminkoto to Diabugu Sandu.

He said there is another project called the ECOWAS Regional Project which will tackle the electricity problems of the country.

Responding to farmers’ demands for markets for their farm produce and fertilizer issue, President Barrow promised the people of Basse that as soon as he returns from his tour of the provinces, the price of groundnut will be announce and fertilizer will also be timely supplied next year at a reasonable cost for farmers.

“As soon as I return from this tour, I will announce the price of your groundnut produce and it will be more reasonable compared to last year. For fertilizer, it was supplied in June this year. But I want to assure you that for this coming 2020 farming season, fertilize will be supplied as early as April next year,” president Barrow promised the people of Basse.

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