Farmers complain about seeds and fertilizer


Farmers in CRR and URR have complained about seeds, fertilizer and farm implements. They say the seeds they They plead to the government to come to their aid.

The report of Kebba Touray, our reporter now in Sutukoba can be summed up as follows: There have been two rainfalls since my arrival about ten days ago and many farmers have started sowing their crops without fertilizer. A good number of them do not have adequate seeds while some of them have to sell their ruminants to purchase seeds. They complain that due to low yields last year they do not have adequate seeds.

Adama Ceesay a farmer from Jarumeh Koto in Sami District gave us the following report: The rains have started in this part of the country and farmers are hopeful that government will come with seeds, fertilizer and sowing and weeding machines. In any case, farmers are not folding their arms. Those who have a few seeds are busy sowing the seeds. If more seeds and fertilizer come, that will make a lot of difference. We in Sami cannot afford to buy fertilizer. I for one cannot afford it. I need 10 bags for my farm. That is D7000. I know of others who need D10,000 and D15,000 worth of fertilizer. Can we afford that when we have been buying rice at a price of D1150 – D1250 for a year now because of crop failure last year? We are appealing to government to come to our aid so that we can produce more for our benefit and the benefit of the country because it will help in the eradication of poverty.