It should now be clear that a country could only develop a self-reliant and self-determined developmental path if it is capable of investing into and sustaining sovereign national assets such as roads, airports, bridges, seaports, ferries, public transports and so on and so forth.

This requires the creation of a resource pool where earnings from one source could be invested to promote the development of other assets so that their collective sustenance would be mutually maintained. When a government fails to do this, there would be investment and resource gaps in certain sectors, thus resulting in relying on external sources and the loss of an advantage of being in control of one’s sovereign assets.

Foroyaa has said it over and over again that the Ferry Services Company Limited could have had a management service component to be responsible for the management of bridges so that part of the resources earned from the tolls could have been used for ferry service development to retain the ferries as sovereign assets. Needless to say, any gap in investment would lead to reliance on foreign sources and a loss for controlling sovereign assets.