Director of Medical Services Calls On Police, Others to Enforce Regulation on Transport Fares


The Director of Medical Services at the Ministry of Health has called on traffic Police and other law enforcement personnel to ensure that drivers comply with Emergency Regulations on transport fares.

Dr Mustapha Bittaye said: “The Gambia government has drastically reduced the price of diesel and petrol across the country and the reduction must be reflected in all transportation services nationwide,”

Dr Bittaye made this statement on Sunday during his Ministry’s daily briefings on COVID-19.

He added: Passengers are equally requested to report any driver who insists on charging higher fares on commuters or travellers,”

He further appealed to all commercial vehicles drivers to desist from deliberately increasing transport fares.

Dr. Bittaye said the Ministry of Health was also encouraging the public to comply with the security forces and frontline workers whenever they appear to carry out their duties in containing COVID-19.

After the declaration of the state of emergency by the Government of the Gambia, it promulgated emergency power regulations including regulation on transport fares.

In a recent vox pop conducted by this medium, passengers complained that they pay fifty or more dalasi from Brikama to Serrekunda, which used to cost only eighteen dalasis. Others pay hundred dalasis for the same distance. In almost all car parks, passengers were seen quarrelling bitterly with drivers over transport fares.

The troubles that passengers were faced with include ‘shortening of distances’ by drivers as a way of collecting double or triple fares.

The Government has recently lowered the price of fuel – petrol from D49 to D40 per litre and diesel from D50 to D43 per litre.