December 2022 Coup Trial Nears Judgment


By Kemeseng Sanneh

The December 2022 alleged coup trial is almost coming to an end as the case has reached its final stage before judgement. Three members of the Gambia Armed Forces and one policeman are standing trial for their alleged involvement in the foiled coup which was intended to unseat President Adama Barrow.

Both the prosecution and defence have closed their case and it is now time for lawyers from both sides to file their written briefs. The court gave the prosecution 28 days to file their brief and the defence 28 days to file their brief thereafter. The prosecution is given a further 7 days to reply.

The accused persons are (Lance Corporal) Sanna Fadera, (Sergeant) Gibril Darboe, (Corporal) Ebrima Sannoh, (Corporal) Omar Njie, and (Sub-Inspector) Fabakary Jawara, the only policeman in this trial. The charges are two counts of treason, two counts of concealment of treason and incitement to mutiny. Corporal Omar Njie has been acquitted and discharged by the court after succeeding in his no case to answer submission.

They are accused of planning to stage a military takeover sometime around December 2022. They denied culpability. It is now for the court to decide on the matter. Sanna Fadera is the alleged ringleader. 

The case will be coming on 14 September 2023 for the adoption of the briefs and where possible, oral address or arguments. The date for judgement will be set thereafter.