Could The President Of The Gambia Be Dragged To The National Assembly Under The Current Constitution?



Section 77 Subsection 2 does indicate that ‘’The National Assembly may request the President to attend a sitting of the National Assembly for the discussion of a matter of national importance. “

However, under the current constitution the President cannot be dragged to come to the Assembly. The reason is simple.

Section 77 Subsection 3 has indicated who should appear before the Assembly on behalf of the President. It reads :

“(3) The Vice-President shall answer in the National Assembly for matters affecting the President, and the President shall be entitled to send a message to the National Assembly to be read on his or her behalf by the Vice-President.’’

The persons who must answer to the National Assembly are as follows:

Subsection (4) reads “The Vice-President or a ministers shall, when requested by the National Assembly, report to the National Assembly on any matter concerning a department or other business of Government committed to his or her charge, and shall be entitled to attend and speak in the National Assembly whenever any Bill or other matter concerning such department or business is being debated.”