Could Gambians With Dual Citizenship Become Ministers?



Many Gambians with qualifications to become president and minister in The Gambia are holding dual citizenship. Unless the Constitution is changed such people would not be able to represent their nation and people. The Constitution states under section 62 subsection (2) that a person who holds the citizenship or nationality of a country other than The Gambia, shall not be qualified for election as President.

In the same vein section 71 subsection (2) of the Constitution also states:

“A person shall not be qualified to be appointed, or hold the office of a Minister if, he or she is a member of the National Assembly or if he holds the citizenship or nationality of any country other than The Gambia…..”

Gambians who are interested in such a capacity should either work for the amendment of such sections or revoke their citizenship of other countries. A national conversation is necessary on this matter so that people will not accept such position only to be removed due to violation of constitutional provision.