The challenge of acquiring drugs for medical treatment is becoming unbearable for the majority of Gambians who are ill. It is important for the government to take note that because of the high prices of drugs many patients are either being underdosed or are turning to herbs to cure basic ailments that already have a cure.

The only challenge is that the drugs are not acquired at the hospital but have to be purchased from pharmacies or drug stores. The consumer needs to be told the truth. There should be general information of on what one should expect when one goes to the hospital. It is unfair to give hope to the patient that upon payment of D25 one would get a checkup, proper diagnosis and the drug necessary for treatment when in actual fact the patient is referred to pharmacies or drug stores to purchase drugs.

The government must come up with a list of drugs that must be made available at pharmacies or drug stores. It must also establish a complaints body where patients could lodge complaints when their request for drugs are rejected.

If the current situation continues the country will continue to experience a high death rate and low life expectancy. The time for action to redress the problem is now.