Commercial Drivers Decry Fuel Price Increment


By Makutu Manneh

Commercial drivers within the Greater Banjul Area expressed dismay at the increment of fuel price on 1 of January, 2022.

The price of petrol has increased from D55. 52 to D57.39 while diesel rose from D 52. 23 to 55. 51.

To commercial drivers, this current increase in fuel price is not encouraging to their daily business as drivers.

These drivers are asking the government to make the price of fuel affordable and stable.

In the past 3 years, the price of fuel increased almost at the first day of every month and the same trend continued as 2022 began.

“Right now, everything is expensive in the country. Adding the price of fuel is only adding to our problems,” Momudou Saidy, a taxi driver said.

“Living in the Gambia is becoming difficult day by day.”

Mr. Saidy said he wants the price of fuel to be stable and reasonable so as to make their work easy and profitable.

He said it is the money he earned from his vehicle that he used to feed his family.

Jarreh Conateh said he has been in the business of driving commuters for more than 10 years now, adding over the years, the price of fuel has not been stable which causes a loss to the business.

Conateh called on the government to consider the commercial drivers when making decisions affecting their work.

He said the increase in the price of fuel affects their profit making.

He also complained that he is normally unaware of the changes in fuel price till he arrives at the Petrol Station.

Ebrima Bojang said there are many youth in the country involved in commercial driving, which he believed, should have made Government more decisive to provide affordable and consistent fuel pricing to encourage young people.

“Commercial driving is now controlled by the youth and the government should reflect on them before making decisions,” he said.

Bojang said he has a wife and two children to take care of. He said he also has to pay rent at the end of every month.

Bojang added that he caters all these expenses through driving his commercial van.