Bundung Residents Urge Councillor Jammeh to Contest 2022 Parliamentary Election


By Nelson Manneh

On Sunday, 9 January, 2022, electorate of Bundungka Kunda especially women and youth assembled at the resident of Sulayman Jammeh, urging him to contest for the upcoming Parliamentary election.

Sulayman Jammeh is the current councilor for Bundung Six Junction. He was elected to the council in 2017, and since then, Jammeh has been establishing a lot of projects in his Ward and beyond.

The electorate who were at the residence of Jammeh, said they have seen the good work that Councillor Jammeh has been doing since 2017 and they want him to move one step ahead and represent them at the parliament or at the Council as Mayor.

Councillor Jammeh was the first Councilor to come up with the electrical project. He started by electrification of grave-yards and other public places. The project was later expanded to other areas including all streets within his Ward.

During the consultation meeting, the people of Bundungka Kunda said they purposely visited to thank Sulayman Jammeh for his hard work and to urge him to represent them either at the National Assembly or Mayoral level.

“All the people residing in Bundungka Kunda and the whole of Kanifing Municipality have realized and are aware of the good work you are doing. You served as an example at the Council and your colleagues follows you. The whole of KM boast of having street lights which you pioneered,” they said.

Bunja Manga, a native of Bundung Borehole, said Sulayman Jammeh is a Councilor not only for Bundung Six Junction but for the whole Municipality.

“His developmental projects were not realized by the people of Bundung Six Junction alone but the whole of KM, that is why we assembled here to thank him and urge him to represent us at another high level,” he said.

Mr. Manga said the consultation meeting was not organised by Councilor Jammeh but instead they were the ones who approached Jammeh as a result of his good work. 

Yasin Jobe, another speaker, said since she started voting she has never seen a politician who represented their interest at the Council like Sulayman Jammeh.

“He does not want to know the tribe we belong to, all he knows is services to mankind. Jammeh is always there for the people of Bundung and KM at large, we need his services at the parliament,” she said. 

Modou Sanyang, another resident, also said he wants to see Sulayman Jammeh heading the Kanifing Municipal Council.

 “All we are here for is to hear from him, whether he hears our plea and represents us because we don’t dough his potentials we know that he can do it,” he posited.

Councilor Sulayman Jammeh after listening to the comments made by the congregation, said he doesn’t have much to say as of now.

“Some people want me to contest for the 2022 parliamentary elections; some want me to go for the Mayoral. I have not yet decided but will do so as soon as possible,” Councilor Jammeh remarked.

Jammeh said it will be very difficult for him to reject the plea of his people because they believe in his potentials. However, he cannot run for two positions at the same time adding, he has to make a prospective decision that will benefit him, his people and the whole country at large.

“I always have my people in my heart, I promised them in 2017 that I will effectively represent them at the Council and I believe that I have fulfilled my promise that is why they are here today to seek my services at another level,” he said.

Jammeh said that he is yet to decide, but he will make up his mind and duly inform the public.