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Coalition 2016 receive mighty crowds everywhere


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By Kebba Jeffang

The coalition candidate Adama Barrow and his team continued their campaign yesterday 17 November by holding meetings atadama-barrow Kerr Omar Saine, Sarsilami and Kerewan and Salekene in the North Bank Region. The team includes 7 opposition parties and the independent presidential candidate.

The coalition candidate assured his audience of improvement of the economy, putting foreign policy on a right footing, proper transporting services including the purchase of new ferries, peace and tranquility without the fear of persecution and security of tenure in the public service.

He explained that the stakeholders in the coalition will be in charge once victory is attained. He added that he is backed by a team of experienced personalities.

He emphasized that citizenship is valuable and people must respect it. He said power belongs to people and they must unleash it.

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Coalition spokesperson Halifa Sallah for his part explained the importance of the people being sovereign by owning themselves, but that unless they know who they are they cannot know what belongs to them; that they may be living in hell while they think that they are living in heaven, and that this is why people continue to be born in poverty, live in poverty and die in poverty.

He explained that the coalition was established because of the absence of the second round of voting, and that if the coalition comes to power the second round of voting will be put in place to ensure that no leader is elected without absolute majority.

He further explained that the coalition will put in place a democratic foundation and put a stop to arrest and detention without trial and disappearance without trace.

He said the transition will take three years. To buttress the point that it is a transition the presidential candidate had to resign from his party and stand as an independent candidate.

Dr Isatou Touray said women have been going through hell particularly those in labour and those who are pregnant because there is no medicine and proper care. She strongly urged women to unseat the incumbent because they have the majority and he has been misleading them all along.

She stressed that power belongs to the people and they can use that power to vote out the incumbent.


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