Buying of Groundnut at ‘seccos’ yet to Commence in Wuli East


By: Kebba AF Touray

Barely two days after the official opening of this year’s groundnut market season, farmers in some villages in the Wuli East District, are yet to see such announcement implemented, as they are yet to witness the opening of groundnut buying points in the area.

Yesterday, Thursday this reporter visited some sites where ‘seccos’ (buying points) were established previously, but could not see any sign of the commencement of the season.

This reporter visited some villages such as Sutukoba, Wellingara Yareh, Briffu and Bajakunda buying centres but none of the said villages have at the time of going to press started buying groundnut from the farmers therein.

However, some of the farmers revealed to this reporter that Baja Kunda buying point is expected to commence today Friday 17th December (Foroyaa Newspaper cannot independently confirm), whilst the commencement at the other visited centres is still in the dark.

During conversations with some farmers, the reasons for this are poor harvest season, due to the long dry spell that affected the crop at the planting period.

They also told this reporter that thought the price this year is better than that of last year, however they anticipate a better price, to be encouraged to sell their nuts at the government buying points.

This, they presume may discourage them from selling their groundnuts in bulk.

This, according to the farmers, may potentially handicap this year’s groundnut market season, adding that what they have been able to produce after the long dry spell, at the onset of the planting season, may not be sufficient for their family needs.

This reporter is currently interviewing farmers on the status quo and will provide a detailed publication on the matter in the subsequent editions of the Foroyaa Newspaper.

Readers would recall that the National Food Security Processing and Marketing Corporation formerly known as GGC did announce to the farming community that the groundnut marketing season will commence on 15th December 2021 and end on 31st March 2022.

The farmgate price for this year’s marketing season, as announced by the Corporation, is D28, 000 (Twenty- eight Thousand Dalasi) per tonne.

“Farmers are therefore encouraged to sell their groundnuts to National Food Security Processing & Marketing Corporation to accrue economic better.