Brikama Magistrate Court Gives Injunction Notice to Stala Resort MD


By Louise Jobe

The Managing Director of Stala Resort Lamin Camara (Liba) was presented with an injunction notice by Magistrate M. Krubally of the Brikama Magistrates Court, during the early days of August 2020, to vacate the site in Kartong in the Kombo South District of the West Coast Region.

At the first sitting of the Court which was held on the 4th of August 2020, Alhagie Demba Jabang the Alkalo of Kartong appeared as the plaintiff against Lamin Camara (Liba), the Defendant.

When the case was called, neither the plaintiff nor his Counsel, were present.

Lamin Camara and his Defense Counsel Abou Jallow, were however present and Defense Counsel Jallow deliberated asked the Magistrate to waive the injunction as there was no prior sitting for the Court to give the injunction.

Magistrate Krubally however disagreed with this position and said the other party is not in Court and therefore he cannot decide until he hears from them. After lengthy exchanges, both Magistrate and Defense Counsel agreed to adjourn the case to 24th August 2020.

On the 24th of August 2020, Lamin Camara and Defense Counsel Jallow appeared in Court, but were told that the Magistrate was sick and will not appear in for hearings. The case was again adjourned to Monday, 30th August 2020.

On Monday 30th August 2020, Camara and his Defense Counsel again appeared in Court only to be told that the Magistrate will not come, because he went to test for Covid-19 at the MRC in Fajara.

This case has now dragged on for four sittings with neither Magistrate nor the plaintiff appearing in Court.

Defense Counsel Jallow advised his client to be more patient because he as well as others have concerns and will table the case somewhere within the legal system.