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“Bew ak Hebate!” Part 5 (Vain Pride and Prejudice)


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By Amie Sillah Anti men Njiils develops an anti-men attitude and lives a secluded life of work and coming Marriageback home buried in love novels to escape time. Prof He is deeply worried and confides in everyone he has trust in. He invited a friend whose Orphanage he is patronizing and confided in him.   “My daughter is leading a secluded life, to be precise an anti-men attitude since her fiancé dumped her for another woman after I warned her not to befriend him and she defied me and went ahead with him. Please convince her to work with you at the Orphanage, I think that will make her meet with people of high class and calibre and hopefully change her mind on men.” Mr. Abraham “Prof! I’ve heard you and would definitely go to her and convince her to work with me.” Prof wished him good luck in his endeavour. Meeting Njiils He visited Njiilan and had an audience with her. Mr. Abraham “I have an Orphanage and I want to partner with your Interior Designing Company; through that rich people patronizing your company can also patronize the Orphanage and can adopt the children if they so desire.” Njiils thought hard and said; Njiilan “It is a good idea, please give me time to digest it.” “I will,” Abraham said. A Thought Over Njiils invited Abraham and accepted his offer. Abraham    He knelt down before her and said; “The children at the orphanage will be very happy and thrilled.” Njiilan She smiled and asked. “Is it the Orphanage or something else?” Abraham He knelt down before her and held it then looked right into her eyes; “I love you, would you marry me?” He pleaded. Njiils  She reflected and said; “Yes! I’ll marry you.” Abraham was thrilled and could not believe his ears. Prof “I do not want you to marry Abraham he is not your class, hold on for a high class guy since you don’t want any of my choices, you are very beautiful just take your time they will come naturally.” Jambal “Dad is right, you have a penchant for poor guys, look at how Lama has dumped you and absconded!” Njiils “Do you think wealth is everything about life? Look at your husband; you are far apart, incompatible when he cannot resist anything in skirt, wrapper or trousers! If he is the only man on earth, I prefer to be a nun.” She rushed to hit her but Njiils held her hand tight. “I am no longer the kid sister you used to bully, I’m now a fully grown up woman, never try it again or else! I have a mind of my own and will marry whoever I want.” The Marriage It was a quiet church wedding and private with only few people being invited and Njiils relocated to a well furnished state of the earth duplet, a wedding gift from Prof and she started a marriage life. Marriage Life Abraham proved to be the best of husband and it became a bliss union and within two years they gave birth to a beautiful daughter named after Abraham’s mother Ndaxte. The Orphanage It triumphed; many patrons came on board and many orphans were admitted. A Coincidence    Lama and his fiancé Siga came to pay a visit to Mr. Abraham; Siga is Abraham’s niece and they came from U.K to marry at home. The Meeting Njiils was shocked when the couple was introduced; both of them just stared at each other until it became noticed, caught up and said; “Hi!” to each other. The other two were surprised but quickly caught up. Siga “You are stunningly beautiful to be tied up with my ugly uncle! My mom will be thrilled to see such a dazzling damsel!” Njiils over reacted and felt insulted. Njiils “What about handsome guys who could not keep to promise?” She walked away. And Siga felt embarrassed. Siga “I am sorry uncle, I was just joking, please tell my aunt to forgive me.” Abraham “She is sometimes in mood swing, it is alright, I’ll talk to her. All the same you are welcome with your fiancé.” At the Home Since the meeting with Lama, Njiils could not hold herself again as she became easily irritated and forgetful. Abraham He noticed that his wife is no longer herself, that something deep was surely eating her up and he wanted to find out. He asked her; “My angel have I wronged you in any way? Since I married you I have never seen you so distant from me, you talk to yourself, are absent minded, what is eating you up? I have notice such an attitude since Lama came with my niece to pay us a visit. Do you know Lama?” Njiils “Lama was my fiancé until we had problems when I travelled to U.K for my Masters.” Abraham “But he dumped you and married someone else when you went for your studies.” Njiils “That was my dad’s version, I never heard his own version. But that was all in the past, I am already married to a caring husband and he too has a fiancée ready to tie the marriage knot, we are now his in-laws and have to make their relationship work.” Abraham    “Thank you my love, you are astonishingly beautiful and I feel insecure that one day I’ll lose you to him especially after hearing how your dad explained your devotion to each other. Let us hold each other tightly. I’ll not be able to survive it if you leave me now.” Njiils laughed hilariously and asked; Njiils “Do you think I’ll leave you for another man after five years of marriage? Don’t be kidding me, you must have self esteem and self confidence. I’ll not leave you for anyone, especially after what Lama did to me?” He held and kissed her passionately. Lama paid her a Visit at her Office ‘Old firewood no hard for kaach’ (old firewood is not difficult to catch fire.)    The chemistry started to work even though both of them struggled to resist it. Njiils  “What are you doing here you traitor? How could you do this to me?” To be Cont.  ]]>

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