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“Bew ak Hebate!” Part 3 (Vain Pride and Prejudice)


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By Amie Sillah She Pays a Visit to Lama She came to the door and heard some voices and she went close to the window andMarriage heard groaning and soothing words to ease tension and that was the voice of a woman. She quickly drew conclusions and ran away.“A cheat, a liar! How can Lama do such a thing to me after I’ve defied my family and gave my heart to him?” She rushed home, changed up and went out to the Valentine Park where they usually hang out. Lama He heard footsteps and suspected Njiils. He abruptly got up and rushed out, leaving Asom stranded in the house. She protested but to no avail. Asom “I’m I not pursuing a ghost? His heart is with her let me just give up and go and pursue my own man.” She got up and left. Lama    He rushed to the hostel and found Daa and asked after Njiils. Daa “Yester night she came in a mess in distress but when I asked her she said nothing but just kept sobbing and I was wondering. She has just left for the Val Park, you can find her there.” Lama “Thank you, I am rushing to the place.” Val Park She sat at their spot brooding over the latest development. Lama    He tiptoed and went and stood behind her and touched her shoulder on instinct she sprang up and protested. Njiils “What have you done, you cheat and liar after I’ve given you my soul and body you start to goof at it?” Lama He responded in equally harsh words; “Kettle calling coal black! What have you done, took me for granted pretending to love me and behind my back you stoop to your dad’s match making schemes? Deny it now, didn’t I see you at the hotel restaurant with Mr. Isaac, in fact you were standing close to him wiping his shirt because of your lipstick stain; I saw it I was there, deny it now!” Njiils She exclaimed with a hilarious laughter. “What! The cup of water splash unto his shirt, I was embarrassed trying to help him dry it up; I went back home and scolded my dad for the match making and have warned him very strictly. But I went back to your home and what did I hear a woman giving you good time expressed in deep groans.” Lama He laughed hilariously and explained. “That was my ex Asombe who is trailing after me wanting a reconciliation, when I went to the restaurant she also came there to meet me and was in fact the one who spotted you with Isaac; I was embarrassed and felt insulted. I rushed home and she followed me. In fact she was the one who prevented me from acting stupid; what a misunderstanding!” They embraced and exchanged sweet lip kisses. Then Lama went to purchase juices for the two of them at the park kiosk. A Weird Stranger He came close to Njiils and threatened her. She shouted Lama’s name and he came running. Then the stranger took out a gun and pointed it at both of them. Lama intervened and stood in front of his fiancé who was very frightened. Lama He pleaded with him. “Drop your gun and ask for anything it will be done.” Stranger He went ahead and opened fire. Lama dodged the bullet but it struck Njiils on the shoulder. Lama He shouted and rushed Njiils to the nearest clinic and informed her family. Prof He came with his two daughters, Yaa Jambal and Daado. He pushed Lama aside and rushed to his daughter’s bedside and held her hand. Jambal hissed and insulted Lama. Jambal “You are responsible for this attack, will you leave my sister alone? ‘Derem ak Derem’ (Equals with equals).” But Lama remained cool, calm and collected. Prof He held her hand and reassured her; “It will be okay.” Then he turned to Lama. “Promise me that you’ll take good care of my daughter and don’t ever make her cry because if you do I’ll make you cry tenfold. I have given my consent to your courtship and will help with resources all the way through.” Lama smiled and said; “Sir! I’ll keep my promise to love her forever until death do us part physically but spiritually we will be bond forever!” Njiils She sprang from the bed and embraced her dad; “You’ve made my day, call the doctor and ask him to discharge me now and I can go home right now with you accompanied by my fiancé.” Doctor Jah He concurred; “The patient is emotionally/psychologically okay therefore no reason to keep her any longer.” They were thrilled and excited as the lovers sweet lip-kissed in front of everyone and dad drove the family home. A new Tactic Prof softened and pretended acceptance for the time being. Prof “Let’s see how it works! If you cannot beat them join them!” He said in his mind. Njiils She went to Lama with excitement as she showed him her visa and letter of acceptance. “I am so excited am going to the U.K for my Masters in Interior Designing! It’s a year programme and before you know it I am back into your arms and we will tie the knot forever.” Lama He hesitated and Njiils is disappointed and expressed regret. Njiils “Sweet heart! Are you not happy for me? This is what I always wanted to do my Masters in Interior Designing in the UK, they have very good universities.” Lama “We are going to be separated and I fear the consequence, that’s the reason for my apprehension.” He held her very tight as if she is about to be snatched away from him; Njiils laughed hilariously as she enjoyed the amusement. Njiils “My Val! This is the age of social media, Face Book/Twitter/You-Tube, name it, and moreover the mobile phone, we will be texting as much as possible and talking over to hear our voices and before you know it I am back into your arms never to be parted again.” Lama He raised her from the ground and kissed her all over, Lama is very romantic which has attracted him to Njiils who is emotionally attached; “I am very happy for you!” The Parting It was difficult as they create a scene at the airport departure lounge, fondling and kissing; Daa was also with Omaadi as she was going to U.S.A for her Bachelor’s in Physical Education specializing in Karate Instruction. Daa Her family opposes her field of study but she does not care what they want, how they feel; “This is my passion and no one can dissuade me from pursuing it, when I return I’ll establish a Gym for all strata of society to make my services accessible and affordable I want to contribute my quota through sports/physical education using it to build relationships between nations/peoples. Also using physical education as a tool to fight non communicable illnesses.” She kissed her fiancé and bade him goodbye; Njiils parting with Lama was difficult and emotional but finally they have to part as Njiils and Daa turned and waved back their fiancés then went to the departure lounge while Lama and Omaadi drove home. To be Cont.  ]]>

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