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“Bew ak Hebate!” Part 2 (Vain Pride and Prejudice)


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By Amie Sillah The Date They chatted and ironed out their differences.Marriage Lama “You are right I’ve misjudged you calling you a snub, but I’ve seen you are beautiful inside out.” They stayed for a while and Njiils dropped him at his house and drove home. Daado In the morning Daa dodged her sister thinking she will scold her for playing tricks on her emotion but she was surprise to find a cheerful girl excitedly explaining her date with Lama. “You are cheerful I thought you would have eaten me up.” Njiils “That was a smart one! I never saw it coming; all the same he is a nice guy let’s see how it works.” Daa She laughed and said; “He has been my instructor for the past one year, studious, focus and kind, give him a chance and see how it works.” The Relationship Develops The duo’s friendship waxed further. At the Swimming Pool Njiils pushed him and he plunged into the water gasping for breath about to be drowned she screamed and called a diver to come and rescue him. Njiils “Come and help my fiancé is drowning!” He was pulled out onto the floor and Njiils gave him mouth to mouth resuscitation; few minutes later he sneezed and all the water expelled out, she looked into his eyes and said; “I love you! You mean the world to me!” Lama He is alerted, elated and asked; “Do you mean what you’ve just said?” Njiils “One hundred percent! I mean every word of it!” He is very happy and gained more self confident. Family Party Prof invited his girls to a family get-together but secretly invited a CEO of another partner company Mr. Isaac whom he wants to match-make with Njiils. Present were Nellie Jambal and her husband John Gaalandu, and their guest Mr. Isaac. The Siblings Njiils came with her fiancé Lama as well as Daa with her fiancé Omaadi. Njiils After greetings and normal exchange of pleasantries she introduced her Valentine to her family, as Prof, Mr. Isaac, Yaa Jambal and her husband frown with embarrassment. “This is my Val, Lamarana Barry, a graduate of Electronic Engineering double honours as well as a Karate Instructor.” Prof Aiyou “This is my business partner, Mr. Isaac, CEO Kantora Constructors, they partner with us building institutions and middle/high class houses and he is interested in knowing you better for a possible match up.” The comment embarrassed Lama but Njiils intervened. Njiils “I have already introduced to you my Val, does that not ring a bell that there is no vacancy? Prof “Who are your parents?” Njiils “Why are you embarrassing him dad? What has his parents got to do with us?” Yaa Jambal “It has to do with everything; don’t you know that poor guys click onto rich girls as gold diggers to suck and later dump them; dad does not want that to happen to anyone of us. That is all the reason why he does not want you to link with this son of a nobody just creeping out from the blue.” Njiils “Are you describing your husband? Who are his parents? Is he faithful to me? I deserve something better than him.” Yaa Jambal “Dad do you hear her insulting me?” She rushed to hit her but her husband held her back. Gaa “You better behave yourself!” Prof “Who are your parents young man?” Lamarana  “My dad is an ordinary farmer and my mother a housewife.” Prof “That’s what I am saying, because your dad struggled to get you educated up to university level and get you graduated at the same school with my daughter make you think big by dating the daughter of a billionaire CEO of a conglomerate! Now you are out of school but I can assure you that you’ll find yourself in the ranks of the unemployed for a very long time unless you have people like us who can influence friends to employ you.” Njiils She is sheeting with anger! “What do you think sitting on your high horse thinking money is everything? Let’s get out of here; he will have a job and by God power we shall get married with/without your consent; we are out of here!” She pulled Lama’s hand and they went away. Yaa Jambal She shouted her name: “Njiils! You are making a grave mistake to allow a gold digger reaps you off from your family and we will be damn to stand by and watch you destroy your life!” Mr. Isaac is embarrassed but pretended to keep himself together. Prof noticed and assured him; Prof “She is an emotional lover but just be calmed I’ll get her around through another arrangement.” Daa She protested; “What is all this about class bullshit! You are filthy rich let us find our guys and you give support for economic empowerment, your rich guys are of bitter taste just boring!” She pulled Omaadi’s hand and said; “My Val, let’s get out of here!” she wore a short mini skirt and wore a barbed hair. Gaa He laughed hilariously and commented; “If Njiils is giving headache, what about Daa? Warhala O, disaster!” An Arrangement Prof made an arrangement between Njiils and Isaac. She is majoring in Interior Designing and that is Isaac’s area of expertise. They met at the hotel restaurant. Lama He came to the same hotel restaurant with his former girlfriend who was trailing him for reconciliation. Njiils She was chatting with Isaac when Asombe sighted her and alerted Lama. Asom “Is that not the rich girl whom you chose against me?Lama turned to the direction. There was Njiils wiping out a stain on Isaac’s shirt and from a distance it looks as she was being intimate. The picture says it all. Lama He felt embarrassed and insulted; he got up and rushed to his house followed by Asom. At Home He drunk to stupor and Asom took the opportunity to soothe his nerves and comfort him. Njiils She went home and scolded her dad; “What is the meaning of that match making with Mr. Isaac? He bores me to death and next time I’ll embarrass both of you if you tried it again and I mean it.” Prof “I am an only surviving parent and am burden to ensure you girls are well placed and happily married to decent men your mother and I have worked throughout our life to ensure we make your life better and easier so as to enjoy what we have created for you without any distractions.” Njiils “Let us choose our husbands and whatever results we get become our own making. Dad, don’t get on my nerves! Let me breathe and give me space to do just that!” She then walked out. To be Cont.    ]]>

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