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“Bew ak Hebate” Part 1 (Vain Pride and Prejudice)


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By Amie Sillah Synopsis Prof Daddy Dan Aiyoumerou Joof is a family man, a devoted husband Marriageand passionate father to her three daughters, Nellie Jambal Joof, the eldest daughter married to John Gaalandu Sarr, second daughter Marjorie Njiilan Joof single, and ‘chaat’ (the youngest) Maureen Daado Joof also single and all of them are undergraduates with the exception of the ‘taaw’ (eldest) Jambal who works in her dad’s conglomerate. The three daughters have different tastes, outlooks and philosophies. The story continues. The Shock Mam Ndaxte, Mama Mary is terminally ill with colon cancer but it was hidden to the children so as not to make them worried them. It was only dad who has the information. She was flown to the U.K but she finally lost the battle and the family was shattered. The corpse was brought home and a befitting burial held for her graced by all walks of life. She lived as a simple Christian woman, the life of the virtuous woman in the Bible. She did not forget her humble origins and women appreciate and talk about that aspect of her life despite her high class status in later life. Rains The burial happened in August amidst heavy rains, thunder and lightning. Mourners became soaked head to foot in water. Marjorie Njiilan She wept bitterly and became superstitious; “I’ve noticed that all my misfortunes happen during rains, hail, storms, thunder and lightning. I hate it! I also lost my mom at this time of the weather!” She lamented. The Stranger He is handsome, tall, physic with a charming, infectious smile; he boldly marched to where Njiils sat in the garden drunk to stupor just to escape the situation; “What is this beautiful damsel doing here? Let me help you to your room.” Sheepishly she followed him and he took her to her room, boiled hot tea with lime and honey and served it to her. “Here drink it and I’ll also help you take a hot steam bath then the stupor will disappear and you’ll have a good sleep.” He did all that, helped her to bed, kissed her good night, and left. Funnily all these actions were registered in Njiils’ subconscious mind which will later be revealed. After Funeral The family returns back to normalcy and were consoled by society’s solidarity and support during their time of grief. The Girls’ House Njiils and Daado share the same house, Njiilan at her three year and Daado at her first year at university. The siblings have carefree simple life not interested to show their class status which endeared them to their campus friends who feel very free with them and they are also very helpful to needy students. Daado Daado is a Mechanical Engineering student but is interested in physical education and has a hobby for karate to defend her person. She is boyish and is nicknamed ‘boy’ of the family. Mam Ndaxte used to complain about Daa’s boyish attitude; “God wants to make her a boy but later changed his mind and created her girl.” Her instructor, Lama came to her house and she introduced her to her elder sister Njiils. Daado “Njiils! Meet my karate instructor Lama;” she turned to Lama “This is my elder sis Njiils.” There was a pause as the two searched each other’s face with strain which surprised Daado and she enquired; “Do you two know each other and where?” Lama He became uncomfortable and made some excuses and left followed by Daa. Daado Before she left she scolded her sister. “Do you know my instructor Lamarana?” Njiilan She brushed it aside; “I somewhat saw him somewhere but I cannot locate where.” Daado She ran after her instructor enquiring to learn more about his earlier meeting with her elder sibling. “How did you meet my sister, I want to know?” Lama “Your sister is very insensitive, he won my heart and goofed at it, that’s how heartless she is.” Daado “Those are very harsh words! Remember it is my elder sis you are talking about, what has he done to done to earn your wrath?” Lama “I met her at your mom’s funeral I showed her real love as she stole my heart but after our brief meeting even though I left my card with her she never called or cared about me; and looked at how she behaved at your house pretending as if she has never seen me. I regretted ever making my intention known to her; I appeared very cheap at her eyes.” Daado “Don’t judge her, she is not like that as you have rightly said, she was drunk and therefore cannot make any coherent decision; give her a chance to know her better.” Lama “Are you defending your sister? Well that is my opinion of her until she proves me wrong.” Daado “Okay freedom of speech! Suit yourself.” She went home to play on her sister’s mind. “What are you doing for the weekend? Are you going home?” She asked. Njiils “I am not going home, it is very boring as dad tries to match make me with his rich friends’ sons and I am not interested in such snobs and bluffs. I don’t know what to do. Do you have something in mind?” Daado “I am hanging out with my guy Omaadi and you can join us in a corner if you wish.” Njiils “I’ll come in my car just describe the spot to meet you people.” Daado did explain where to meet them. The Game Njiils came a bit late but could not spot Daado and her fiancé she is frustrated but as she was about to leave Lama approached her car and protested; Lama “What game are you playing again? Do you want to goof my heart a second time?” Njiils She remained calm and said; “Get into the car and let us talk!” Lama “Talk! What about? Daado asked me to meet you here and have been here for the past 30 mins; do you want to treat me the same as in your mom’s funeral? That day you were drunk but I am quite sure you are sober today? Is that not true?” Njiils She melted in front of the handsome stranger and became apologetic to appease him. “Come in, you have it all wrong, I am not what you describe of me. The funeral of mom shattered my life, I don’t drink heavy only on occasions but mom’s demise pushed me to the wall and to forget my problems I decided to drink to stupor and that was the condition you met me, any promise I did that moment was null and void. I was not myself as you can see but one thing is certain I never remove from my mind the handsome stranger with the sweet, fresh fragrance. I melted again when you entered our house with my sister. It is love at first I think for both of us.” Lama “I was attracted to you and hated myself for falling too cheap to a rich, beautiful damsel. I am very sorry for judging you harshly. Can we go to a pub and have some drinks and dance and have fun?” Njiils “Why not, let’s go.” To be Cont.    ]]>

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