Be part of the communities to get the facts Says Amie Sillah


By Sarjo Camara –Singateh

A renowned activist, journalist and health personnel has informed journalists that it is always incumbent of the journalist to do Amie Sillah 2his or her work efficiently and effectively to get first hand information which could be relay to the public for readers to make a choice.

She said journalists should be part of the community, to sympathize and empathize with people who would have confidence and thus confide in you, which means you have to be compassionate with health and gender violence issues.

Amie Sillah-Sarr noted that a law is essential as a deterrent to save kids from non practicing parent when the aunts, cousins or grandmothers can have the audacity and effrontery to take kids against the will and wish of parent/s.

She stated that a perfect woman is the one that is not cut but remains as Allah (God) has created her and as activists we should empowered girls/women to be proud not to be cut but to defend their integrity/ self worth when they are referred to as ‘jolima’ (uncut).

She shared her experience as a survivor and one who have close relatives’ victims less fortunate as her.
She also gave a touching experience of a survivor of fistula who went through trial and tribulation until assisted by her and other activists through networking to regain back her life, through medical reconstruction, economic empowerment and information to make informed choices of her life and that of her children.