Banjul Sewage, Roads need urgent attention from Government Says Concern Resident


By MUHAMMED SAILU BAH MuhammedNdow, a resident of the capital city of Banjul, is calling on the Gambia Government to Muhammed Ndowaddress the deplorable state of the sewage system and major roads which, he said, need urgent attention to make life and movement easy for both the inhabitants and visitors alike. Mr.Ndow, the former Independent candidate in the New Town West Card councillorship election, said the central government should re-construct the sewerage system as well as some major roads in the capital as they are in a state of total disrepair. Talking to this reporter recently, he said these two issues are of major concern to the people living in Banjul but that because of the “culture of silence, we are not speaking up for them to be addressed”. “It seems that government focuses little on the capital with a neglected sewage system and roads that are in such a horrible state,” said Mr.Ndow. On the sewage, he said the system is in bad state and often releases waste water onto the streets which emits unbearable stench and poses a threat to the health of the people. “The stench and waste water that comes from the sewage is disgusting and unhygienic and also a threat to our health and therefore needs to be fixed as soon as possible,” he said. Mr.Ndow also decried the poor state of the roads and streets in the city. “The present situation of Banjul does not give that sense of pride when visitors come here as the place is disorganise and unattractive,” he said. He added that in addition to the unimpressive physical appearance of the country’s capital city, the poor condition of the roads also affect economic activity and the free movement of people. He cited the challenges that commuters face on a daily basis when coming to Banjul and which, he added, has led many who can to abandon the city because of the hassle in finding transport to take you there or home. “Few commercial vehicles come to Banjul as the others are avoiding the bad roads which cause transport scarcity and many people stay in the capital until very late in the night before getting a transport to take them home,” disclosed Mr.Ndow. He also talked about the muddiness of the main streets such as Primet Street (the main route to the car park) thus restricting people from moving around. Mr.Ndow lamented the unfinished works at Box Road which, he said, has been under construction for many years now. “I am therefore calling on the central government to consider the condition of the city of Banjul and address these issues” he appealed.]]>