Banjul Mayor Tests Negative for Covid-19



The Mayor of Banjul Rohey Malick Lowe, has publicly disclosed her Covid-19 status, barely 48 hours after she voluntarily went out to test openly for the disease.

The Banjul Mayor stated in her social media page that her result which came out on Tuesday 11th August 2020, was negative for Covid-19.

According to the Banjul Mayor, she did the test publicly to show people the importance of conducting the test and knowing their status. This, she said, will make it easier to fight against the global pandemic and urges everyone to respect the stipulated WHO guidelines most especially on wearing facemasks and keeping social distancing. She urged people to do regular check-ups.

If readers can recall, Mayor Lowe, last Sunday August 9th 2020, launched the “Know Your Status” initiative which she said aims to encourage the public to go for voluntary tests to help them know their status for Covid-19.