By Sulayman Bah King Of GuediwayeBalla Gaye II and arena adversary Eumeu Sene BALLA, EUMEUprize fight money has come to light. Promotion group Future Media Entertainment has tabled an astronomical sum of 150 million CFA as part of the process of sealing off a deal to ensure the proposed fight between Balla Gaye and Eumeu takes place. Each wrestler is expected to pocket a fee in the region of fifty million CFA excluding dividends realized from sponsorship of the duel. Club Tay Shinger leader Eumeu, according to reports, is due to clutch 25 million dollars as advanced fee. A huge part of the contract is expected to be finalised once the promoter meets the Senegalese Wrestling Committee a date of which is yet to be named. Deposed Senegalese King of Arena Balla will be making a comeback reportedly next year April on the back drop of defeats in the previous matches. Omar Saho dubbed Bala Gaye lost to Bombardier whilst Emeu bit the dust to Modou Lo. Next year’s encounter will see the two at logger heads in what would be a revenge bout for Balla following his defeat to the former Bul Faaleh second-in-command in 2009.]]>