the 1997 constitution. Hence the courts are to uphold the principle of presuming innocence until guilt is proven. Foroyaa is still studying why bail conditions amounting to Millions would be appropriate for offences where one is ordered, upon conviction, to pay a sum of 50,000 dalasis . Judges and magistrates are the ambassadors of justice. In granting bail conditions, they should not lose sight of the weight of the crime committed. In our view, those presiding over court proceedings should examine what penalties could be imposed before establishing bail conditions. To establish excessive and unreasonable bail conditions is to condone judicial impunity. The Gambia needs to get its acts together and put an end to impunity in all sectors of society. Detaining a person without trial for months and years is a practice which is affronting the national conscience. How could anybody condemn colonialism and slavery and still ignore reports of innocent people being detained without charge. Why did African countries become independent if their people are to be treated like nonentities in their own countries? Practice should speak the language of precepts if African leaders are to have the integrity to defend the interest of the African people in the world. Those leaders who could show how the rights and liberties of their peoples are defended in their own homeland are the ones who are competent to speak for the African people on the global stage.]]>