Action continues fine run


By Sulayman Bah Kololi Mbolloh’s top man, Action, continued his fine display of theKololi Mbolloh 2 season by extending his winning run with victory over his latest adversary. Staged by M and B Promotions, Saturday’s event attracted a huge turnout with Tombong Saidy named after the grand combat.It was not until 9:00 pm when the most anticipated show began immediately after the end of the mini-bouts. Action walked into the arena with his back turned on it before his opponent, Yaya Jammeh, entered to start a contest that would later end in less than a minute. After the whistle of the referee, the two closed in, in a traditional simple battle in what was the final combat of the 2014 calendar year with Acton and Jammeh grappling. But it was the Kololi based wrestler who emerged victorious after grabbing his adversary by the shoulders and pushing him down by the head sending him on the ground amid jubilations. It turned out to be Action’s fourth victory with just a single defeat to Tass-sa-yaram.  ]]>